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Nutritionist, NASEKOMO AD
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Company missions

Nasekomo is a Bulgarian company developing innovative knowhow and cutting-edge technologies for production of insect protein, oil and fertilizer for the feed and agriculture industries. Nasekomo is specialized in the bioconversion of organic byproducts and residual food streams by the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens).

Insects are currently considered as a sustainable protein source for animal feed. More specifically, Black Soldier Fly larvae (BSF) are highly efficient feed converters with the ability to transform almost any biomass of limited value into valuable feed and fertilizers ingredients. Inside our Research and Development team, our BSF nutritionist provides insights and develops new knowledge and processes that enhance the bioconversion potential of our insects by working in areas related to:
- Maximizing the BSF performance while optimizing production by better fulfilling nutritional, physical and chemical requirements during the entire animal’s life cycle,
- Exploiting the full potential of BSF to convert some specific byproducts,
- Modulating the nutritional value of BSF products through diet intake,
- Studying the dynamics and taking advantages of bacterial communities during the bioconversion process (inside and outside the insect).

Duties and responsibilities:

As part of the R&D team, our BSF Nutritionist will carry out research related to BSF nutrition.
The main duties, functions / Key Results expected are to:
- improve feed recipes to decrease costs while meeting the animal’s requirements
- test of potential new feed ingredients and supplements
- interpret forage analysis and forecast future impacts and results
- assess the relative nutritional values of various feeds and potential anti-nutritional factors
- design and implement different nutrition experiments
- investigate potential nutritional disorders

A Nutritionist is responsible for:

- formulating feeds regarding their specific purposes and raw materials costs, availability and processing
- developing study protocol, operation manuals, training programs, data collection tools and quality control plans
- provide the rest of the team with valuable information on nutritional aspects and on different projects
- data analysis and development of reports
- communicate the results of the experiments internally and externally including with the scientific community

Main requirements:

- Bachelor, master`s degree or doctorate in animal nutrition or any related field
- Fluent in English
- Good proficiency in the use of computer tools (Office pack)
- Interest in Entomology, nutrition and data analysis
- Great enthusiasm in research work
- Excellent organization and time management skills.
- Flexible and adaptable
- Good communication skills
- At least 1 year of relevant work experience in the area

We offer:

- High standards of work and excellent working environment.
- Extensive opportunities for continuous learning, professional growth and advancement
- Dynamic and interesting work that makes global impact
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Nutritionist, NASEKOMO AD
  • location_onСофия
  • workПостоянна работа
  • scheduleПълно работно време
Известия за новите обяви от NASEKOMO AD
We at Nasekomo make our world more efficient and sustainable by harnessing insects to close the human food chain cycle.
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