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30.04.2019, Ref.#: UK_Sr
★★★★★ Senior Content Writer and Editor with English, АЙГЕЙМИНГ.КОМ ЕООД  Вижте визитка на компанията
Месторабота Варна; Постоянна работа; Пълно работно време
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We are looking for an ambitious and forward-thinking individual to join our aspiring and international team as a

Senior Content Writer and Editor with English

The Company:

iGaming.com Ltd, part of an international group, is an affiliate marketing company in the iGaming industry. We build websites for lead generation via organic Google rankings, with the goal of providing helpful information to our visitors. This approach ensures that visitors can make educated decisions, while providing valuable leads for our partners and long-term growth for our company.


  • Writing original, user-focused and accurate content pieces in the required format (article, blog post, social post, review, etc) and tone (straightforward, informative or more relaxed, fun)
  • Editing and/or updating previously written content
  • Researching various topics and collecting relevant and accurate data to be later used by all team members
  • Keyword research and on-page optimisation
  • Creating original content structures while keeping in mind the design of the site and the final look of the page itself
  • Working closely with colleagues from different departments in an effort to turn the team's ideas into reality


If you are anything like our imaginary ideal candidate for this position, you would possess all or most of the following qualities:

  • You love English!
    You simply live and breathe the language, sometimes even catch yourself thinking in English. You turn off the subtitles when watching movies or TV series in English because you are annoyed with the translation. Your friends often get frustrated with you because you cannot utter one sentence in your mother tongue without shoving an English word or expression in there. That, or you are a native English speaker.
  • You appreciate good writing and enjoy writing yourself.
    You like creating useful, accurate and entertaining pieces of content. You know about the different types of web content - articles, blog posts, reviews, social posts, infographics, slideshows, etc. You are also a bit of a grammar nazi. Your biggest pet peeves are typos and you barely manage to restrain yourself from writing a letter of complaint to any author who has the audacity to skip a comma. Naturally, reading the comment sections of websites is a sheer torture.
  • You are creative yet detail-oriented (not necessarily at the same time).
    Your best definition of the word ‘creativity’ is ‘intelligence having fun’ and you enjoy letting your brain have some fun from time to time. Still, when the conditions require it, you can switch to a more focused mode where no detail can escape you - a state of mind which is perfect for more ‘non-creative’ activities such as editing, technical checks, research and task preparation.
  • You are a team player.
    You would rather leave your own tasks on the back burner than refuse to lend a helping hand to a colleague. You realise that, in the long run, the chance for growth and success is way greater when you are a part of a strong team, so you do everything you can to better not only yourself, but the people around you as well.
  • You are computer-savvy.
    You know your way around the most widely used programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and the browsers Chrome and Firefox, and easily get used to new software. When you have to do something new using these programs, you don’t need anyone’s help because you can quickly find an easy-to-follow instructional video or article online.
  • You are an Internet-junkie.
    Be it at home on your computer or on the go through your mobile, you are constantly looking for the answer to the latest random question that popped into your head or for a solution to a problem that caught you by surprise. On a daily basis, you ask Google way more questions than you ask actual people. And you are a master at quickly finding what you’re looking for because you ‘have the best words’ to type into the search engine.
  • You are a problem solver.
    You don’t have the time nor the desire to point the finger at others or fish for excuses because you are too busy thinking of solutions to the issue at hand. Furthermore, you welcome the challenge as you are learning so much along the way.
  • You like computer or mobile phone games.
    Whether they are as simple as Candy Crush or require serious skills and strategy like World of Warcraft, you enjoy the escapism that games provide and consider them to be an excellent way to relax your otherwise racing mind.

If you saw yourself above, apply for the position and send us:

  • your CV
  • a cover letter in English
    where you tell us about your education and work experience, as well as about anything else you may find relevant to the job application or simply interesting about yourself. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine and use some wordsmith trickery to convince us that you’re the right person for the job!

    To make matters even more convincing, please write and send us also
  • a 500-word article on a gambling topic of your choice.
    You can use whatever resources you'd like, just don't plagiarise! If you already have published work, we would also love to see some samples.

Note that, while not obligatory, a university degree in English linguistics, philology or other relevant specialty, will be considered an advantage. Other big pluses would be previous experience in writing, editing or translation, interest in SEO and web trends, basic knowledge of HTML and/or Wordpress.

Давам свободно изразено, конкретно, информирано и недвусмислено съгласие фирма Айгейминг.ком ЕООД да обработва моите лични данни за целите на:
• извършване на качествен подбор на персонал;
• извършване на други задължителни по закон действия.
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