Bulwork is the first specialized IT and BPO recruitment company in Bulgaria. With a market knowledge developed more than 15 years, Bulwork has gained a reputation of a professional and loyal partner offering high-quality HR services for various international and local companies. In our portfolio we have more than 400 clients, some of them part of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500, more than 20 successful projects in mass recruitment for well-recognized organizations globally, data base of 45 000 IT professionals and 5 000+ successful placements. 


- Permanent and temporary staffing in IT/BPO sectors
Whether it is a permanent or no a project-based role, our recruitment services cover all IT/BPO roles on the market - Managers, Team Leaders and Architects, Software Developers, QAs, Business Analytics, Administrators and Designers as well as technical roles with more than one foreign language.

- Recruitment process outsourcing
Whether a company needs to create or optimize its talent acquisition process with no in-house resources we offer the best quality of service with a great cost-saving effect. Our RPO solution will bring your business talent agility beyond expectations.

- Trainings
Whether a company needs a technical or soft skills training program we design tailor-made programs based on your specific needs and company culture. We have a number of successful training projects for local and international companies in Banking & Finance, Software, Automotive & Production industries.

- Performance appraisal
Whether it is a regular annual appraisal or a project aiming to diagnose a specific situation or problem, our clients can rely on our individual and professional approach towards each unique organizational need and case. Together with our clients we build appraisal forms for each position, individual and organization, we execute the entire process and design an improvement strategy for all participants aiming to raise a continuous progress within the organization based on each individual`s best performance. We have number of successful projects in this field for various organizations in Banking & Finance, Software & Support, Automotive & Production industries.

- Payroll services
Whether a company needs to outsource the monthly staffing management or to add a team member without increasing the internal headcount, we can suggest our payroll solutions. The service provides preparation and record of all administrative documents concerning labour contracts and salaries' calculation, consultation about the Bulgarian labour code practice and support in safety at work documentation & execution.

- Tailor-made employer branding strategies based on clients goals Whether a company plans to increase recruitment or to strengthen retaining, we can create a tailor-made employer branding strategy based on a proven methodology. The service involves targeting the potential candidates and current employees and developing an effective communication between them and the company in order to strengthen their relation and create a strong employer brand.

- Consulting companies for the local labour market and its specifics
Whether a company is new on the market or is already set up , the accurate information for the salary levels and talent pool is extremely important. Based on our yearly salary level survey and experience, we can provide information about the latest trends on the market.