At Chaos Group we make technology that helps artists and designers create photoreal imagery. We serve the creative industries ranging from architecture and product design to advertising, television, and feature film.

Our mission is to empower people bring their ideas to life by visualizing their creative visions in the best way possible.

Five things you need to know about us:

- Chaos Group was founded in Sofia in 1997. The company’s co-founders Peter and Vlado met at the computer lab at Sofia University and came together with the purpose of creating innovative software products for the 3D industry.

- Our products V-Ray, Phoenix FD, and VRscans are used on a daily basis by global design studios, architectural firms, advertising agencies and visual effects companies.

- Our software is used in more than 150 feature films including Game of Thrones, Avengers, 300, X-Men, Power Rangers, Deadpool, Zodiac, Tron Legacy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Real Steel, The Great Gatsby, Hugo, Underworld, and many more.

- In  2017 our co-founder Vlado Koylazov received an Academy Award for V-Ray’s role in bringing realistic CGI to the big screen.

- In 2018, we organized Total Chaos, the biggest CG event in Southeast Europe.