Hello there.

We are Grafixoft. Our story began in 1998 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Back then we were 3 people who wanted to help others and to pass along everything that we have learned. And we succeeded.

Today, with a team of more than 90 professionals we perfect the imperfection, config the non-configurable, and code the uncodable. We believe that we are here to exceed the expectations, to surpass ourselves, to break the mediocracy, and to deliver more.
Our relationships are based on honest communication, respect and the firm belief that everybody operates in accordance with the shared values. Responsibility, loyalty and hardworking are the basis of our behavior.

For more than 20 years we built long-lasting partnerships with companies from UK, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Belgium and the USA helping them to create reliable software applications and increase their market share. Success comes as a natural result of win-win relationships with our customers and employees.