For over 50 years, Royal Canin has been committed to an approach leading to Health Nutrition with the aim of providing more precise nutritional answers, adapted to the specific needs of dogs and cats. 

These answers are based on 2 clear and complementary sources: 

Observation and Science. Indeed, Health Nutrition implies perfect knowledge of the animal, enhanced by the expertise of breeders and professionals alike, in addition to research in partnership with scientists. 

“Dog and Cat First” and “Knowledge and Respect” of dogs and cats have become the ethics of the brand, governing the development of each new invention. “Dog and Cat First” commitment fully conveys the central place occupied by the dogs and cats through our innovation process.  

Knowledge & Respect 
Our commitment to“Knowledge and Respect”, a genuine part of the brand’s DNA, is based on observation and science... 

Nutritional Philosophy 
Royal Canin’s entire Nutritional Philosophy is based on the precision and value of nutrients. 

Health Benefits 
Living a better and longer life thanks to perfectly adapted nutritional solutions.  

Quality & Food Safety 
By being ever more demanding, Royal Canin guarantees optimum Quality and Food Safety.  

Sustainable Development 
People, Planet,Performance, the Royal Canin approach is part of a sustainable and responsible project.