DHL Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) has played a central role in the biggest transformation in DHL, changing the daily work of hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide. The Sofia based team is developing and maintaining a comprehensive transport management system (TMS) with a successful roll-out, that will replace all existing systems in more than 32 countries. Since its origin, the team has been involved not only in the pure implementation of the business logic and technological evolution of the system but the overall organisation around the project and the design of the business processes into the application. As such, we use an evolutionary lean process to enable us to improve in all aspects - from our cross-functional collaboration and organisation, through the development process and enhancement of the DevOps pipeline, e.g. with containerization.

By joining us, you will have the opportunity to participate in the evolution of DHL's logistics business. 

At DHL ESS, we grow and learn together. We are not afraid to take opportunities and fail, while we attempt to achieve excellence, and we change the world TOGETHER. 

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