1ForFIT is a global healthy oriented digital company.  Some of the websites 1Forfit generates are at TOP 3 SimilarWeb sites in the weight loss category.

1ForFit collaborates with one of the most successful fitness celebrities in this industry like LAZAR ANGELOV, JEN SELTER, ANDREIA BRAZIER, etc. with whom we have created the best-personalized meal plans by using our algorithm that calculates personal diet profiles for people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle.  We are selling our products in more than 180 markets.

We are using modern cloud and programming technologies:
 Tools and technologies we are using:
Our main markets are:

USA, Australia, Europe, New Zeland, Canada, United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Japan, etc. In 2018 we sold in 170+ markets.

We are selling through various marketing channels:

Facebook, Adwords, Press Releases, Content Marketing, Email subscribers, Push Notifications, Affiliate, RTB networks, etc.