Axilion Smart Mobility enables cities around the globe to reclaim their traffic-congested streets by harnessing advanced AI technology that transforms traffic signals into a dynamic and adaptive traffic network. The company's deep tech technology allows cities to maximize their current infrastructure’s effectiveness via a universal traffic language that closes the gap between multiple hardware networks for unified communication and smart optimization.

By leveraging their current infrastructure, Axilion helps cities to remain cost efficient while optimizing their traffic flow.

Once implemented, travelers instantly experience smoother travel with more green waves, resulting in up to 40% reduced commute time and substantial reduction of emissions. With seamless integration, Axilion’s green and innovative solution is a key component for cities who wish to take the first step towards a true smart city.

Axilion's AI based software and SaaS solutions are deployed in over 15 cities worldwide

Our mission is to dramatically reduce congestion in city center, reduce commute, lower carbon emission by automating planning signal timing, optimizing traffic signals network with dynamic green-waves, and empowering cities to monetize congestion.

Axilion transforms traditional hardware into flexible infrastructures with real-time response to flows that continuously change throughout the day.

Deep tech technology enables rapid, accurate, cost-effective, and safe traffic signal design with dramatically reduced field testing time and implementation costs through our unique design verification technology. Our customers benefits from accelerated design cycles through AI based automated design and deployment capabilities replacing current error-prone human-intensive process.