Making the world a more creative place. We love what creativity brings to the world. Creativity inspires new ideas and new imaginations, and brings new changes to the world. We are proud to deliver innovative digital technologies to support all aspects of human creativity. We will provide powerful new tools for creative expression, new ways to shape and share new ideas, and innovative solutions for business.

For the love of your ideas.
We believe in the power of ideas. We create new tools and products to help everyone to capture, express, shape and share ideas to change the world around them and make better.

For delivering value beyond hardware.
Creativity explodes with sharing and collaboration. We develop the cloud platform, community and applications to help everyone to create and share new ideas and expressions. There’s no point in having a pen and no paper to write or draw on. We make sure that there are software and apps available to customers with the most intuitive and smart user experience.

WILL stands for "Wacom Ink Layer Language"
. Helping the world to shape the future with a new digital ink standard. Based on more than 35 years of experience in natural user interface, Wacom is now taking the initiative to create a global standard for digital ink: WILL. Designed as the ink standard for the 21st century, WILL enables the capturing and sharing of digital ink in the cloud and beyond operating systems and hardware platfoms. It will open new opportunities for ink applications without technological borders.

Wacom’s vision is to drive the adoption of digital ink technologies in all industries and build an open ecosystem that will enable everyone in the world to freely capture, shape and share their creative ideas without the boundaries of technology platforms and ecosystems. WILL is the core technology that enables universal exchange of digital ink content across applications and platforms and a most natural user experience for digital pen and ink inputs on any device.
Wacom's Ink Division manages as a global team the portfolio of digital ink technologies as well as digital ink software and platforms that are essential to build new applications serving all our customers from B2C, B2B and B2B2x.