ABOUT bet365:

A lot has happened over the years from bet365’s beginning in the year 2000 when the company was founded with just 12 employees, to establishing our status as the world’s favourite online gambling company with over 45 million customers. We are currently the world’s favourite online gambling company, due to the dedication and hard work of the thousands of employees who have joined us over the years, many of whom remain with the company now. Over the years our staff have worked hard to solidify our place as an industry-leading world-known brand, ensuring that our users have both a responsible and enjoyable betting experience.

We are consistently recognised for our award-winning platforms that our in-house teams build from idea to implementation, to ensure we have the best offering for our users. We produce the most cutting-edge and successful features that make us stand out amongst our competitors.

Our facilities have also adapted over time, from building our bespoke corporate headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent housing over 3,000 members of staff to the multiple global offices we have opened throughout the years – one of which is the Software development centre in Sofia, Bulgaria.


We provide the highest quality service on the market by building the best features, which push boundaries and continuously improve our user experience. 

The innovation of our industry-leading products is consistently recognised and we frequently receive awards for our world-class sites and applications, which include a range of market-leading features to enhance the customer experience. We have developed technology that gives control to the customer whether that is creating their own bespoke bet, watching some of the world’s best sports events on their phone or setting limits to better manage their online spending.

We want to make sure that everyone can gamble responsibly, ensuring that gambling is only ever a form of entertainment for our customers. We offer a range of useful tools to enable our customers to manage the time and money that they spend gambling.


Being a leader in our field has not stopped us from pushing forward and developing new technologies. We still work every day to continue improving and offering new services. We are currently in the process of re-architecting our systems using Golang with a no-SQL data tier implemented using Riak for scalability and high volume transaction processing. We’re using technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Erlang, RabbitMQ, and Kafka on our Linux platform. Our native apps are implemented in Swift for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android devices. We also continue to have a substantial amount of C#, MVC and SQL on Windows within the business.