At Sensata Technologies we regard career development as a shared responsibility between the company and employees. As a company, we strive to provide opportunities for each employee to develop his/her own career path, but also look to employees to be responsible for their own professional and personal growth. Believing that skills and competencies constitute the core driver of career development, Sensata Technologies puts efforts into motivating its employees to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to meet the needs of the business and pursue their personal goals within the company.

We challenge our employees to do the best that they are capable of, satisfying the needs of our customers and meeting the challenging requirements of the automotive industry.

At Sensata Technologies, each employee has the opportunity to participate in a wide spectrum of different business processes. Specialists from different production functions have the ability to change their career path, by rotating through positions in different departments. No matter whether our employees want to be promoted to managerial roles or want to acquire skills in specialize areas they have a lot of opportunities.

Our goal as an organization is to assure our future by developing our leaders of tomorrow through an on-going focus on career development, succession planning, talent management and employee engagement.