TelebidPro is a software product company focused on development of world-class innovative software solutions.

Our clients in more than 20 countries worldwide are taking advantage of our thorough experience in development of server based platforms, including application integrations, virtualization and cloud computing, as well as technology strategy and consulting.

Our values


The high-quality final product and customer satisfaction are the only standards for measuring our success. This is why we apply the expertise and integrity of our software engineers to provide quality software solutions. In the process of building our software, we emphasize the control over operations, risk minimization and the latest methodologies and technology trends to guarantee you the best value for your money.


As a team, we share and value collaboration, creativity, dedication, and perfection. A skillful, professional and well-organized team is the key to developing high-quality products, so our team is our core value. We motivate and reward our team for their investment and commitment, creating a friendly, open and trusting relationship. Our professionals’ ideas are heard, and they are given the freedom and motivation to create.


We have an open and transparent relationship with our customers. Together with our experts, they form one team that shares a general goal. Even though our development team supervises the main development processes, we want our clients to become part of the project, and feel the inner culture of TelebidPro. It might be hard, but it helps us reach the higher level of understanding and ultimately find the best solutions for your specific needs.