People.  We do believe that people are what brings a company success or failure. Everyone at Up2 is important no matter of the current professional level, skills and years in the company. You can make your choice to move to another team, to change technology within the company or to lead a project even if you are not a project manager. Sometimes, we even take a project based on the enthusiasm and motivation of a single person.

Flat. Up2 is a flatland with leaders who listen. We do not have a heavy hierarchical structure with complex rules who reports to whom. Decisions are made fast, a good idea of yours will be heard and accepted. Problems and challenges are solved together. We have job positions, but this is not set and stone – you can play different roles if you like to challenge yourself. Don’t be surprised if you see a developer testing teammate’s work, a tester preparing user stories, a project manager writing user guides.

Simple. Software development is complex. It requires knowledge, experience, constant learning, hardworking, creativeness and dedication. So, we do not overwhelm it with tons of meetings, stand-ups, sit-downs, reviews. 

Lifelong learning. Software industry is extremely dynamic and fast changing. We believe that our people must have time to learn, explore and constantly improve their knowledge no matter how experienced they are. We provide internal time for learning, organize seminars and presentations for sharing knowledge and ideas, support everyone to go for a training.