Internet Securities Bulgaria Ltd. was founded in 1997 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is part of the ISI Emerging Markets group, founded in 1994.

The company delivers hard-to-get information products  to institutional customers around the world on subscription basis. Sofia office has grown to be the biggest one for the group with up to 200 employees We are hiring highly educated professionals to develop and support our 2 products. 
Currently, Sofia office is operating as a Technology, Product and Finance hub:
1. EMIS – Specializes in the provision of hard-to-get emerging markets intelligence on companies, industries and countries.Produces 9,000+ publications, 2.7m+ private company profiles and 1m+ industry data series and forecasts. Content covers over 125 countries, and 250 industry sectors in 15 languages
2. CEIC Data - this brand is established in 1992 and specialises in high-quality macroeconomic and industry intelligence for both emerging and developed economies. Our data is compiled from 3,000+ sources worldwide leveraging expertise of local analysts. The database itself conisists over 5m data series covering over 200 countries and 18 macroeconomic sectors.