We believe that a good team stands behind success, that's why we focus on it. Our management respects differences and believes that every individual has valuable qualities. Focusing on the more everyday aspects of work, however, here is what all our employees are guaranteed:

20 paid leave days per year (25 paid leave days after the end of the probation period)
- 40-hour working week with the possibility to choose their starting and ending time every day
- Adequate remuneration with a flexible possibility for increase: we may raise your salary as soon as we notice you deserve it, and not wait for 6 months to pass
- Additional medical coverage and a free gym card
- A relaxed working atmosphere with no official dress code
- Fresh fruit, mineral water and hot beverages on the premises
- A long-term job perspective where you can bring your own ideas and see them give results.

Our offices take three entire buildings in a very good location with plenty of nice places to have lunch or coffee during the breaks.