Corporate Values


We delight our clients with products, solutions and services which always exceed expectations. We create value for our investors by besting the competition through our focus, our experts and our adaptability.

Loyalty & Ethics

Our future business depends on our reputation, word of mouth and the references which our customers give us. We build trust, foster good dialogue and communication, and demand from ourselves and our employees the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

Expertise & Experience

We believe that our personnel is our key corporate asset. We invest in human resources to maximize company’s growth potential. Sirma Solutions has gathered a great team of software professionals withproven technical and communication skills working on large-scale and mission-critical projects. Our staff have over 10 years of average hands-on coding experience, across multiple technologies, vertical markets and platforms. While most of our staff hold M.Sc. and even Ph.D. degrees in computer, mathematics and information sciences, we believe that academic excellence is only a starting point for becoming an outstanding software engineer.

Training & Knowledge trasfer

We are committed to ongoing staff training and development. Sirma Solutions has well established training, certification and career development program. We encourage each staff member to learn new things and expand their skills and expertise. Our senior professionals provide in-house training for younger team members. The continuous on-the-job training process enables our team to be on the cutting edge of the IT industry all the time. Many of our specialists have Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, HP and many other certificates. Over 90% of our staff is fluent in English.

Positive work environment

At Sirma Solutions, we believe that every individual has the right to feel comfortable at their workplace and enjoy their work. We offer our employees creative, professional and open-work atmosphere, since we are convinced that self-motivated, responsible and creative people bring success and stability to the company.