We focus on Modernization, Application management and New Initiatives. Служители в България: 160; Брой ИТ специалисти в България: 145; Градове в България: Sofia; В България от: 2008; Служители глобално: 1000; Държави/градове извън България: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium; Година на основаване: 2008; Технологии: C; C++; Python; Ruby; C#; .NET;
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Strypes is a company with extensive experience in the software development. With a team of over 170 people we take ownership over application roadmaps for our clients and structure their overall application landscape. We are a leading software development partner for software product companies in the fast-paced high-tech industry, which requires innovative (embedded) software development. We create an environment that will help you achieve your professional goals.

The collaboration between exceptional people is our way to provide Quality and Innovative solutions to our clients in the area of New Initiatives, Application Modernization and Application Management.

Founded in 2008, currently the company is a proud member of the ICT Group in the Netherlands. The ICT Group is a stock listed IT company that was founded in 1978 and employs over 1000 professionals worldwide.
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Working at Strypes means working in an inspiring environment with motivated colleagues and a lot of experience within the field of Technical Automation. Passion for technology is what connects us, in combination with the drive to constantly develop ourselves, to be able to realize the best solutions for our customers.
We believe in a company with people who love their job. This shows in the everyday interaction between the management and the teams and among the colleagues within the teams. All this combined with the high professional expertise of the staff allows us to continuously get interesting and challenging projects.
The company uses agile management strategy with flat management structure, which offers very good opportunities for career development. People can start at any position, according to their professional experience. The work location can also vary, people can choose to work at the office in Bulgaria, the office in the Netherlands or on-site at the clients' premises.
Strypes welcomes young people with no work experience, who can join any project, which fits their knowledge and skills. Strypes is also open to highly experienced professionals with good communication skills in English, because all the written communication within the team, with our front offices, and with the clients in the Netherlands is in English.

ЕИК: 200379189
Адрес: 10A, Maystor Aleksi Rilets Street
Телефон: +359894929621
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