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myPOS Technologies EAD
myPOS is an international fintech company with a team of 500+ people, located in 18 offices all over Europe. The company works in 30+ markets and offers a complete business solution for payments through POS terminals, online and via mobile.


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Our solutions are changing payments globally.
We fill the word "innovation" with meaning by constantly mastering the latest technologies and bringing them into our ecosystem of solutions for small and medium businesses.
Our DNA preserves the valuable things of the startup mindset, although we already have a successful 8-year history in the international market.
We care about developing our people's talents, learning and sharing experiences to gain more knowledge together.
Our products are designed to improve the businesses and lives of tens of thousands of small business owners and their families.

Ценности на myPOS Technologies EAD

Dynamic - We are agile, learn quickly and adapt to the ever-changing business world
Innovative - We think forward and invent new ways of doing things
Collaborative - We succeed by working closely with clients, partners and each other
Inclusive - We welcome and value the diversity of people and businesses
Scalable - We design our products and services with growth in mind

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  • calendar_today Основана 2014
  • people_alt 550 служители
  • location_on UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Romania, etc.

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