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Не спираме да се развиваме. Всяка година добавяме между една и три нови технологични експертизи към портфолиото си и изграждаме нови екипи около тях.
Инвестираме в хората. При нас над половината от колегите в Leadership екипа са промотирани вътрешно в организацията експерти, които подкрепяме с отличната ни Impact Leadership програма.
Не спираме до тук. Инвестициите ни за развитие и обучение са най-голямото перо в компанията ни и подкрепяме всеки колега в неговия индивидуален обучителен път.

Работна среда

beach_access 20 - 25 дни годишен отпуск
weekend Възможност за работа от вкъщи

Интервю и назначаване

voice_chat Възможност за дистанционно интервю


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KPMG ITS започва като стартъп и за по-малко от 10 години се развива като един от водещите центрове за консултантски и инженерни услуги в областта на ИТ, част от глобалната мрежа от 154 независими KPMG компании и техните клиенти.

В България

  • calendar_today От 2015
  • people_alt 500 служители
  • location_on София


  • calendar_today Основана 2015
  • people_alt 180000 служители
  • location_on Германия

За компанията

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Лични данни
Политика за защита на личните данни на KPMG IT Service OOD

We hereby present you with relevant information on how KPMG IT Service OOD, UIC 203572873 (KPMG IT Service), in its capacity as controller of personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation, collects, processes, stores or otherwise uses your personal data, which you provide when applying for a job at KPMG IT Service.

By submitting your CV and the supporting documentation thereto under this advertisement for a job at KPMG IT Service, you give us – KPMG IT Service your consent to process your personal data in the course of the current recruitment campaign for the following purposes:

— Assessment of your suitability for the disclosed position and whether your skills, motivation, education and experience suffice with the requirements set by KPMG IT Service;
— Receiving evidence for the qualities and qualifications, necessary for occupying the respective position;
— Establishing contact with you for setting up an interview;
— Extending a job offer if you are selected for employment.

When you apply for a job at KPMG IT Service, we process the following categories of personal data:
— Identification data, such as your name, citizenship;
— Contact details, including email and phone number;
— Information about your education, skills and professional experience, including references from previous employers or colleagues of your which you presented;
— Information, gathered in the course of our interviews, such as interviewer’s notes; test results, etc.;
— Other information included in your application, which you deemed relevant and voluntarily provided within your CV or during interviews.

If you have a social media profiles with provider facilitating professional communication, such as LinkedIn or on your current employer’s website, we may review it. We will not inspect any purely personal social media activities of yours.

If you are a selected candidate for employment, KPMG IT Service will require additional personal details, as is necessary for the conclusion of an employment contract and you becoming a KPMG person.

The personal data you provided when applying shall be processed for the purposes of the current recruitment campaign and will be deleted not later than 1 (one) month as of its completion, unless you are a selected applicant. If in the course of the current recruitment campaign you provided original or notarized copies of documents, these documents will be returned to you within the term stated above.

Any internally required documentation concerning you, which was created by KPMG IT Service in the course of the current recruitment campaign on the basis of the information and documents you provided, may be stored by KPMG IT Service for a period of 3 years as of the completion of the campaign in order to defend the legal rights and interests of KPMG IT Service in the course of any administrative or court proceedings as per applicable legislation in force.

KPMG IT Service, upon your request and granting consent, may keep your personal data and use it in the course of subsequent recruitment campaigns zto inform you of available positions and include you application in the selection process. Under this scenario, we will store your personal data for a period of another 2 years as of the end of the current campaign. After that your personal data will be permanently deleted.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by sending us your written withdrawal per post at: 1766, Mladost 4 r.a., Business Park Sofia, building 15A, floor 3.

You may also withdraw your consent via email sent to one of the following email address:

The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing completed prior to receiving the withdrawal.

Furthermore, the General Data Protection Regulation guarantees you a certain set of rights that you may exercise in relation to your personal data processed by us. In summary, you have the following data protection rights: to access, rectify, update or request deletion of your personal information or the restriction of their processing, as well as the right of data portability. You are also entitled to lodge a complaint with the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection.