Sixty K Plc - International Contacts Centres
60K is one of the leading and fastest growing BPO companies in Bulgaria - from our two offices in Bulgaria (Sofia and Plovdiv), we deliver a high quality customer service to millions of end-users all over the world. Служители: 1500; Градове: Sofia and Plovdiv; Година на основаване: 2008; Придобивки:  Free company transportation;    Corporate gym area;    Corporate beauty salon area;    Free of charge sport activities;    Food vouchers;    Additional health insurance;    Regular corporate parties and team building events;  

Sixty K Plc - International Contacts Centres

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was founded in 2008 and our main goal is to deliver a top class customer support service and care to our Clients. We cover a wide range of business sectors and areas such as:

  • Tourism and Travelling;
  • Sports and Leisure;
  • Fashion and Apparel;
  • IT support services and care;
  • Customer care and support for airline services;
  • Data Research and Validation;
  • Sales and Telemarketing.

The company is known by its slogan and main motto which says that 60K is The Place Where All The Happy People Work and we really strive to make difference than any other company on the market by always putting people first and having established our operations and main processes by leading a people-centric policy of openness, transparency and honesty. The reason of us being so successful is purely because of the fact that we have always demonstrated that people are our most valuable asset on the one hand, and on the other – we strive to bring together people who share the very same values as we do, so this is how we build a solid team which is after the same goal at all times – to put people first in their customer service experience no matter if they are our colleagues, closet fellows and affiliates or customers. We have always invested to develop this ownership in our employees that helps them to not only operate with systems, follow and manage processes, but to also acknowledge and consider the emotional part of the communication and interaction process which helps to sincerely demonstrate empathy, care and understanding during the customer service process even though the customer might be miles away and the support is provided remotely. This way we shape the customer service experience process for both our clients and our employees as a more meaningful and with added-value one, which is to not only solve issues with technologies, services or products, but to also teach people that active communication and positive attitude in the interaction process leads to effective collaboration and shared benefits while turning a negative situation to a positive experience where you have the chance to demonstrate the bright and positive side of your personality. Following our strategy of putting people first, we managed to increase the number of happy clients and customers and also built sustainable teams of happy people which are pleased to be part of a meaningful process that improves other people’s lives and experience as customers.

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As we are constantly growing as business and market share, we are also constantly expanding the size of our teams which are to provide a top class customer service to our multinational and global Clients worldwide.

Striving to be recognized as the Place Where All The Happy People Work, we truly understand that giving is a mutual process and the way we expect our employees to be dedicated, committed and engaged to our mission and motivated to contribute for achieving the organizational goals and objectives, we have to also give back to them by acknowledging their interests and needs for working and non-working related activities and initiatives.

By joining our company, thus becoming part of our Team of Winners, you will have the chance to not only practice your foreign language and ensure your monthly earning, but will also...:

  • ...have the chance to make 1500+ new friends;
  • in a dynamic multinational environment;
  • ...become part of the virtual teams of our Clients - global companies;
  • in a friendly environment and exchange best practices with your colleagues;
  • in a great office building with access to free of charge corporate Gym and Beauty Salon Areas;
  • ...have attractive social benefits such as free company transportation, food vouchers, additional health insurance, regular corporate parties and team building events;
  • involved in constant learning and development sessions and programmes;
  • ...have the chance to grow and develop with us!
We are more than excited to have the chance to meet you and tell you more about all opportunities that you might have with us!
Join us now by sending your application.

Sixty K Plc - International Contacts Centres
ЕИК: 200118762
Адрес: 1839, София, България
бул. Ботевградско шосе 264
Бизнес сграда Юнг 3, ет. 7

4017, Пловдив, България
ул. Лев Толстой 6
Бизнес сграда Лайм Трий, ет. 2
Телефон: 02/ 462 00 10
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