Ериксон Телекомюникейшънс България ЕООД

Ериксон Телекомюникейшънс България ЕООД

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За компанията
We are one of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies
employing more than 110,500 employees globally.
Our local office in Bulgaria was founded in 1994. Ericsson
Telecommunications Bulgaria is a valuable partner to all telecom
companies on the market offering latest advanced technology,
innovation products and solutions for the telecom industry.
We are recognized as a key player on the market when it comes to 2G, 3G and LTE mobile technology and equipment, solutions for TV/IPTV, media
applications and system integration, IP equipment and services.
In the company are employed 220 professionals - engineers, solution
architects, account managers, people in logistics and project managers
that work closely with our customers to ensure the best quality of service
and highest possible performance.
For more information about the company and all our listed job positions,
please, check www.ericsson.com
/career section
Ериксон Телекомюникейшънс България ЕООД
ЕИК: 831246043
Телефон: +359 2 965 1875
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