ВП Брандс Интернешънъл АД
Маркетинг/Реклама/ПР, Производство, Търговия

ВП Брандс Интернешънъл АД

За компанията
VP Brands International is a completely integrated wine & spirits company.
 The proved number one position as both a producer and employer in Bulgaria is a tradition.
 Outstanding teams of world class experts and managers combine skills, experience
 and true commitment to accomplish the business objectives of the company.
 Therefore, the international capacity of the company rapidly and constantly evolves.
 The established branded business is a leader in sustainable development and success.
 To be a center of excellence is another key factor in achieving outstanding local and global growth.
 It combines the exceptional understanding of all raw material and bulk products that are available in store at Vinprom Peshtera and the international demand for these products.
 The company Head Office is in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Кариера в компанията
The HR Department of "VP Brands International" believes in a clear mission:
 Dreaming and working together is the true combination defining VP Brands International success.
 To keep the leading position in our business is about: The Skilled, Committed and Happy personnel.
 It is a real privilege that so many talented and dedicated professionals apply to join the company.
 Outstanding experts able to contribute to our business objectives are welcome to join our dedication.
 Both the skills and ambitions of all employees are totally supported in their development.
ВП Брандс Интернешънъл АД
ЕИК: 825399928
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