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Commetric provides media analytics solutions that help communication and marketing professionals monitor and analyse conversations and content on social and conventional media.

Unlike many online tools, Commetric combines innovative, patented technology with the knowledge of its experienced analysts to provide deeper, more practical level of insight for customers who demand to know more. Commetric's award-winning solutions are used throughout the world and across industry sectors.

Our core technology offers a unique patented platform that combines data harvesting, natural language processing, and interactive visualisations, to unlock insights from all types of media data.
Кариера в компанията
We strive for creativity and innovation by attracting high-performance individuals and empowering them to make a difference and realize their full potential.

We keep bureaucracy and rules to a minimum so that we grow both our people and our business.

We look for exceptional team players who are ready to lead and be led and are not afraid to fail.
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