Шугършак Анимейшън - България ООД
Изкуство и забавление, Интернет/Електронна търговия, Информационни технологии

Шугършак Анимейшън - България ООД

За компанията
We are creating one of North America’s leading marketing technology platforms. With thousands of businesses using the platform to accomplish customized marketing experiences, the platform serves both DIY customers as well as those requiring fully managed advertising campaigns and digital online presence.

The platform is available to individual businesses, large scale franchises handling thousands of locations, as well as marketing agencies looking to automate and consolidate their services in one place.

Offices in Miami, California, & Sofia enable our brands to acquire & support US-based businesses and afford them a cutting-edge martech platform.

The Sofia office provides not only software development but also an invaluable creative component which shapes our customers’ success and our software’s future functionalities.
Шугършак Анимейшън - България ООД
ЕИК: 175228143
Адрес: "Tsar Osvoboditel" 2,
Sofia 1000
Телефон: 0878 305 120
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