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Indeavr is a Business & Technology Services Company

Indeavr is a growing company that offers career opportunities in a dynamic industry, encourages professional growth, and values associate contributions. Choosing an employer can be one of the most important decisions you make in life. Be Long-Term Smart. Choose Indeavr.

We assist businesses in enhancing revenue, streamlining sales, reducing costs, and improving customer acquisition and retention. For a decade, Indeavr has enabled clients to meet progress milestones, optimize operational performance, achieve and sustain corporate excellence, and effectively manage people, processes, and technology.  Our digital, technology, strategy, and operations teams work in close cooperation to deliver a holistic service focused on achieving clients’ visions and strategic goals. Our thorough research on the genome of high-achieving companies is our innovation engine, through which we build critical skills and capabilities, develop our knowledge capital, and achieve strategic partnerships with our clients.

ЕИК: 131483352
Телефон: 02/4007000
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