Scaleflex EOOD
We deliver the development of software services for accelerating web and mobile applications through the optimization of digital media. Служители в България: 4; Брой ИТ специалисти в България: 2; Градове в България: Sofia; Служители глобално: 12; Държави/градове извън България: Munich, Paris; Година на основаване: 2016; Придобивки:  Interesting projects;    Training and seminars sponsored by the company;    Team buildings;    Flexible working hours;    Remote positions;    24 days annual leave;   Технологии: Python, Machine Learning, PHP, Lua, Unix Scripting, HTML5, JavaScript, ReactJS;

Scaleflex EOOD

За компанията

In Scaleflex, we are building useful software by developers for developers, content managers, and marketers.
Working at leading software companies like Apple and VMware gives us the opportunity to provide scalable, reliable and efficient also very affordable Cloud services
We solve very specific problems with easy-to-implement Cloud services.

Our mission is to simplify the recurring tasks involved in developing a website, online store, mobile app, etc., so developers and marketers can focus their time on what you are really good at. 

In general, we scale business by building image optimisation, asset management, and delivery and performance monitoring infrastructure.

We enable you to Scale while staying Flexible, we are Scaleflex.

Scaleflex EOOD
ЕИК: 204411296
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