Ай Ти Уърлд Уеб България ООД
Women empowering organization a leader in the Recruitment space providing data driven products and services to 100+ Clients in Europe and India. We help clients in Europe and India, to hire from a pool of 3.5 million IT professionals. Служители в България: 10; Градове в България: Sofia; В България от: 2017; Служители глобално: 50; Държави/градове извън България: Netherlands, Bangalore India; Година на основаване: 2011; Придобивки:  food vouchers;  

Ай Ти Уърлд Уеб България ООД

За компанията
IT World Web, is a women empowering organization and is presented in 3 geographies: Bangalore India, the Netherlands and Sofia Bulgaria. 

Once you start with ITWW in our office in Sofia, Bulgaria where we promise you that you will have the best training on the job possible for the EU market. We are working for clients like eDreams (the largest flights aggregator in Europe based in Spain), European commission, European Parliament, NATO, Europol and 50+ other European Union Institutions across the EU. To give you an example in Bulgaria hiring for the EU is done only through iCrowd.co (our brand) and one more company only. Considering your education, these types of clients would be a great fit to your education major and here you can see how the EU works.

With more than 100 Global Clients, best hiring practices and 100+ women colleagues, we firmly believe that IT World Web.com is the organization of choice for every ambitious woman.
Кариера в компанията
We are looking for ambitious people to join our team in Lulin, Sofia. People who are looking for career in Recruitment, to grow within the company starting even from internship level and reach Management level. 
Ай Ти Уърлд Уеб България ООД
ЕИК: 205624361
Адрес: #3 bul Petar Dertliev, Lulin 10, Sofia, Bulgaria
Телефон: +359 898 569 642
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