МД Електроник ЕООД
Together with our subsidiaries, we operate worldwide and rank among the leading companies for data communication solutions in vehicles. Our organization excels through continuous growth, a very high degree of innovation and excellent product quality. Служители в България: 2; Градове в България: Vratsa; В България от: 2019; Служители глобално: 4900; Държави/градове извън България: Germany, Czech Republic, China, Mexiko; Година на основаване: 1974; Придобивки:  Meal voucher;    Transportation;  

МД Електроник ЕООД

За компанията
Until the end of 2020, the german company MD ELEKTRONIK will have created 300 jobs in a new-built factory in Vratsa, Bulgarien. The 300 will be additional to the already existing approx. 5000 jobs existing around the world, as the MD company includes locations in Germany, Czech Republic, Mexico and China. You might fit perfectly to the international MD family!

Find out, why:

In 1974, MD was founded by Gottfried Merx in the 2000-inhabitants-village Buchbach in upper bavaria. Being used to producing mainly amplifiers for the music industry with a headcount of only 20, MD shortly proved itself as a company with an astute and prudent way of thinking and acting. Consequently, MD was growing steadily and soon gained a foothold in the automotive branch. The company moving to bigger grounds in near Waldkraiburg and establishing in the automotive business followed as logical next steps regarding MD’s company growth.

Nowadays, MD is one of the leading companies for data communication solutions in vehicles. The product portfolio includes coaxial, HSD and sensor cables, electronic modules and cables for safety-relevant components, connectivity applications and infotainment systems within the entire car. Those are already integrated into more than 200 current car models, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Daimler and Jaguar Land Rover. OEMs worldwide appreciate MD for its straightforward and competent way of handling the branch’s challenges.
Кариера в компанията
Over the years, MD ELEKTRONIK expanded from the Bavarian countryside into the stirring automotive world. Though always looking into the future and participating in promising trends, MD still is the grounded, down-to-earth company, which regards stability and wellbeing for their employees as a crucial issue.
We are strongly resolved to continue our success story in Vratsa. Therefore, we are searching for new MD family members in Bulgaria!

If you are interested in joining the MD family, we are looking forward to receifing your application.
МД Електроник ЕООД
ЕИК: 205368502
Адрес: Neutraublinger Straße 4
84478 Waldkraiburg
Телефон: +49 8638 / 604 - 0
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