Fuse Media BG EOOD
Информационни технологии, Маркетинг/Реклама/ПР Служители в България: 160; Градове в България: София, Пловдив; В България от: 2018; Година на основаване: 2018; Придобивки:  ваучери за храна;    допълнително здравно осигуряванео;    карта за спорт;    карта за градски транспорт;    ваучери за рожден ден;    допълнителни отстъпки;  

Fuse Media BG EOOD

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Founded in 2018 in Bulgaria, Fuse Media BG, is leading the way in delivering 360-degree digital services, providing the perfect mix of marketing, communication, and cutting-edge technological solutions, produced in tailor-made style to take every business to the highest level. Operating in all four corners of the world, we are always staying ahead of the competition through creativity and innovation.

From developing and implementing the most effective marketing strategies to applying the latest communication, advertising and tech trends, our company is always looking to explore new business opportunities and dominate new markets.

We firmly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our team is our company’s greatest asset and enabling our employees to unlock their full potential is crucial to Fuse Media’s global success.

We are here to change the game!

Are you ready to join the revolution?
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If you’re passionate about your job, a dedicated professional, and have a strong will to win, your place is right here!
Fuse Media BG EOOD
ЕИК: 205161988
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