Hellagrolip SA is a Greek Commercial and Industrial Company which distributes its own fertilizers, as well as fertilizers by foreign houses. Градове в България: Sofia; В България от: 2018; Служители глобално: 850; Държави/градове извън България: Greece, Serbia; Придобивки:  Very competitive salary plus bonuses;    Solid benefit package (depending on qualifications) - business travel expenses, company car, etc.;    Excellent work environment;    Potential for internal advancement;  


За компанията
Our company

Hellagrolip SA is a Greek Commercial and Industrial Company which distributes its own fertilizers, as well as fertilizers by foreign houses.

Our Company's philosophy is reflected in our efforts to promote and strengthen our trademark, in enhancing our portfolio with pioneering products, and in processing full nutritional approaches which cover the entire range and the demands of contemporary agriculture. The expertise and specialized production methods of Hellagrolip give our products multiple advantages and excellent quality features, acknowledged by international houses, traders, competitors and customers.

Our vision

We seek to establish ourselves in our customers' and suppliers' consciousness as a reliable and long-term partner, who offers efficient, quality products and personalized solutions based on their needs. We commit to follow the developments in the agricultural sector closely, to respond to the changes and challenges of our time, and to inextricably link our name to the development of Agriculture.

We aspire to contribute to the establishment of a rational application of fertilizers, which would maximize the utilization of nutrients from the plants while at the same time secure the saving of resources and reduce the adverse effects on the environment.

Our strategy

It is our belief that the sustainability, rebuilding and recovery of our country require stronger activity in areas with high growth potential in production fields with added value. Especially a properly trained workforce and the accumulated experience in the agricultural sector need to be the foundation for a productive orientation and restarting the economy.

In this context, our strategy is to establish and further strengthen our leading role in the greek market, with the purpose of covering the needs of agricultural production in our country. At the same time, we seek to increase our exports to other countries, thus contributing to a stronger exporting orientation and to the efforts to achieve a positive trade balance for our economy.

Knowledge of the market

Knowing the particular characteristics of greek agriculture, trusting the human resources, and steadily focusing on the needs of producers and agronomists are values we deem non-negotiable, and they determine all our activities.

By focusing on research, innovation and quality, we offer efficient, quality products, technical support and specialized information to producers and agronomists.

By trusting our highly trained personnel and allowing them to work to their full potential, in both the commercial and technical departments of the company, as well as utilizing our fully equipped laboratories, we provide full nutritional approaches, we improve on the efficiency of fertilizing, and we contribute to maximizing production and investing on it.
Кариера в компанията
At HELLAGROLIP, our staff is the most important resource and fundamental factor for the development of our company. Our people are the key component to the excellent organization and operation of our company, and all the production and business activities are materialized through them. We consider our staff to be fundamental asset, whose efforts are encouraged and initiative is rewarded, within a creative and safe working environment.

Through continuous training programs, we ensure the systematic training of our people, we support each employee to develop their skills and creativity, we promote upgrading, full participation, and making good use of the staff, and we seek to cultivate a customer-centric approach in every department of the company.
ЕИК: 204683047
Адрес: Slivnitsa Blvd., 141-143
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