We are on a mission to offer ready to use highly scalable, robust, secure, flexible and easy to manage network security management appliances integrating the powerful multi threading Suricata IDPS engine. Градове: France/US;


За компанията
Founded in 2014, Stamus Networks is a European company that specializes in the development of cyber security products.It provides network IDS appliances and professional services to companies worldwide.

Stamus Networks is renowned for its expertise in the Open Source IDS Suricata and is proud of contributing back directly to Suricata and via other Open Source projects like Scirius or SELKS.

Stamus produces and offers IDS appliances and central management for those or for custom Suricata installations.
Кариера в компанията
Stamus Networks is a small company but offer an international distributed environment with employees in France, Sweden and Italy. A carrier at Stamus would offer a dynamic environment with clear goals and a friendly team. There is also possibility for occasional travel.Our company is growing and should at least double in number of employees in the coming years thus offering possibility of career evolution.
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