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Propy is a Silicon Valley company leading the charge for modernization of the real estate industry through the use of the Blockchain technology. We are an international real estate marketplace with a decentralized title registry and we aim to enable remote buyers and sellers to complete real estate transactions globally with very little friction, paperwork, and waiting.

Propy has offices in Silicon Valley and in Sofia, Bulgaria with over 50 full time multilingual engineers, scientists, and business professionals, many of whom hold advanced degrees from leading universities in the US and Europe. They are involved in product development, government relations, legal research, innovative blockchain based financing of real estate developments, as well as all aspects of the Blockchain technology R&D.

This crack team is lead and supported by an Oxford advanced degree holder CEO with many years of experience in real estate in multiple countries, Stanford MBA graduates responsible for global business development, an MIT PhD holder in charge of research, and a full-stack and blockchain engineer CTO with years of experience in distributed solutions and cryptographic technologies.
Propy OOD
ЕИК: 204765894
Адрес: гр. София, ж.к. Младост 1, бул. Цариградско Шосе 54Б
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