Мотт Макдоналд (България) ЕООД
The Mott MacDonald Group is a consultancy with headquarters in the United Kingdom. It employs over 16,000 staff in 150 countries. Mott MacDonald is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the world. Служители в България: 10; Градове в България: Sofia; В България от: 1997; Служители глобално: 16000; Държави/градове извън България: UK, Europe, USA, Far East, Asia and Pacific; Година на основаване: 1989;

Мотт Макдоналд (България) ЕООД

За компанията
We’re a global engineering, management, and development consulting firm focused on guiding our clients through many of the planet’s most intricate challenges.
Кариера в компанията
Sharing your ambitions
The needs of the world’s population are changing fast. Our network of experts, active in 150 countries, finds opportunities in complexity, turning obstacles into elegant, sustainable solutions. By looking at problems from a fresh angle, we aim to add value at every stage, for our clients – you – and the lives you touch every day.

Improvement is at the heart of what we offer: better economic development, better social and environmental outcomes, better businesses, and a better return on your investment.

In partnership with you, we establish the steps to meet your strategic ambitions, using analytical front-end advice that helps you fund, plan, design, deliver, and sustain your goals.
Мотт Макдоналд (България) ЕООД
ЕИК: 130454006
Адрес: гр.София, 1505,
бул. Ситняково 48,
Бизнес Център Сердика
/Мол Сердика/
ет. 10, офис 1017
Телефон: +359 (0)2 491 79 23
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