Technofy is global IT & service company with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded in 2015 by French entrepreneurs the company strives for perfect combination of sharp business attitude, technical expertise and artistic creativity. Служители в България: 35; Брой ИТ специалисти в България: 35; Градове в България: Sofia; В България от: 2015; Служители глобално: 40; Държави/градове извън България: France, Romania; Година на основаване: 2015; Придобивки:  MultiSport https://benefitsystems.bg;    Health insurance;    Weekly Office Massage;    Remote Office;  


За компанията
Our journey began in 2015 with passion for technology being the driving force of innovation and change. Our headquarters is in Sofia, Bulgaria, but we have French roots. Nowadays we have offices in Toulouse, Bucharest and Riga.

Five years and three new locations later, we transformed from a handful of people to a global company of certified AWS Cloud and DevOps experts, delivering big scale projects to international partners and customers in the most agile and flexible ways. Our services cover an end-to-end DevOps lifecycle. We can advise you on what is the solution you need, build it and run it.

Technofy is a pure player bringing certified AWS experts, the needed flexibility and higher revenue in the DevOps game.

Here is our PURE manifest:
Technofy is a pure partner player - we only work with and through select partners and never against them.

Technofy is a pure AWS player - we are 60+ times AWS certified, while working cross-platforms too.

Technofy is a pure DevOps player - we are the proud grease monkeys of the cloud.

Technofy is a pure remote player -we still come to visit.

You can find us in Linkedin:
ЕИК: 203537064
Адрес: TZUM, 2 Maria Luisa
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
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