Sitel offers tailored customer care solutions and is redefining and transforming the contact center and the associate experience. Градове в България: София, Варна, Добрич; В България от: 2006; Служители глобално: 80000; Държави/градове извън България: 27 дъжави; Година на основаване: 1985; Придобивки:  отстъпки в заведения, магазини.;    специални условия за ползване на спортни карти;    ваучери за храна;    мобилен телефон след третия месец за безплатни разговори в групата;    специални отстъпки от различни банки;    допълнително здравно осигуряване;    тиим билдинг партита и социални мероприятия;    зала за забавления;    осигурен транспорт за вечерните смени (зависи от проекта);  


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От Видео профила ще научите за компанията и компанията като място за работа. Видео профилът е заснет от и е част от проекта "Компаниите в България".
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Sitel Group is one of the largest customer experience companies in the world. The group is comprised of industry-leading firms providing business process outsourcing, digital marketing, training and talent management, technology and innovation, consulting and analytics solutions.

With subsidiaries such as Sitel, TSC, Learning Tribes, Extens Consulting, Sitel Insights and Novagile, the group’s services are leveraged across geographies, verticals and all stages of the end-to-end customer journey, helping clients effectively harness the industry’s explosive digital transformation and consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences.
With over 35 years of industry-leading experience, Sitel Group’s 80,000 associates service over 450 clients through its network of more than 100 offices in 28 countries.
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Кариера в компанията
Do you believe in what you do? Do you have what it takes? How strong is your commitment?

These are the types of questions we encourage our 80,000 associates to ask themselves every day. They are thinkers, doers, believers, achievers, leaders.

You can sum up the Sitel culture in four values:
Be Bold. Build Trust. Work Together. Wow Customers.

Our values represent a way of thinking and being at all levels of the organization. It defines being motivated at every level of our work, in terms of mind, heart and excitement so that every customer, colleague and client feels it, hears it and sees it. Our values are demonstrated by our behaviors, which are ultimately guided by vision, passion and purpose.
Our culture creates an atmosphere of teamwork and excitement throughout all areas of our company and provides associates with the desire to achieve their goals. As a result, our culture extends far beyond our associates to create a contagious enthusiasm that ultimately enhances the client and customer experience. 
ЕИК: 175054504
Адрес: 55 Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd.
Expo Center 2000
Sofia 1407
Телефон: +359 2 806 72 19
Fax: +359 2 819 96 99
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