Translation and Localization Градове в България: Пловдив; В България от: 2016; Държави/градове извън България: САЩ, Китай, Корея, Япония; Година на основаване: 1995; Придобивки:  Ваучери за транспорт;    Безплатни напитки в офиса;    Безплатна храна в офиса;    Партита и тиймбилдинг;    Безплатни обучения/курсове;  


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Today, 1-StopAsia (formerly 1-Stop Translation) has six offices worldwide in the US, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Bulgaria and more than 280 employees, but it still bears the clear philosophy and imprint of its founder and CEO, Don Shin. Today, after more than 23 years, the company's values and philosophy are still encouraging progress and innovations in the field of translations, building strong relationships with our clients and giving new opportunities for employees to perfect their abilities.

The company develops in three directions: translation, education, and subtitles for the film industry on a global scale.

1-StopAsia's client list consists of several of the leading translation companies in the world, as well as a leading global company. Through the work we are performing for these top translation companies, 1-Stop has been able to translate documents and websites for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies including one of the leading and most well-known search engine and cell phone companies. Another important sector in which we have performed numerous translation works for is US and EU government agencies.

Our Account Managers work in a 24-hour shift schedule. As a group of Asian language specialists, 1-Stop handles all subject areas in document translation, which strengthens our position as one of the largest Asian language translation companies and given our growth linguists have great career progression opportunities with us. Currently, we are the largest Asian translation company worldwide. The company works with more than 2000 freelancers around the world.

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Why work for us?
  • Unlimited opportunities for growth and career advancement
  • Amazing team and friendly environment 
  • A flexible work environment that reward results
  • A company and management team are widely known for strong integrity
  • Fast-paced so you won’t be bored
  • Training and skill development to help you succeed
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Адрес: ул. Самара, №13, ет. 6, обл.ПЛОВДИВ, гр.ПЛОВДИВ 4000
Телефон: +359 32 399 222
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