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Regulus (α Leo, α Leonis, Alpha Leonis) is the brightest star in the constellation Leo and one of the brightest stars in the night sky, 


Boutique Development house

Small enough to care, big enough to get the job done. First and foremost, Regulus is a software development company that strives to serve its clients with integrity, honesty, and agility. We’re a small operation, and that allows us to serve you better. Regulus develops and supports e-commerce projects with satisfied clients ranging from individuals, to small groups to global organizations. We can provide development services ranging from small analysis and design projects, through large-scale application life-cycle development and management.

The size of Regulus also allows us to be in better communication with each other, and with our clients. Creating systems that surpass expectations and operate at the utmost efficiency isn’t just a job for the Regulus team, it is a passion. Nothing gets this team of software engineers more excited than problem solving; finding the most efficacious ways to make your business run at optimization. Where our attention to detail and passion for user-friendly interfaces really pays off is when our clients’ end users easily maneuver within the system. They’re happy, you’re happy, we’re happy.


What we do

Regulus develops comprehensive e-commerce systems that involve all the participants in the e-commerce process. From marketing and media management, leads and customers’ management, stock and performance monitoring etc. The company is a boutique development house specialized in providing state of the art user experience to our customer’s users while providing comprehensive management tool to the merchant.


  • Agile development practice with source-controlled development and team-management.


  • Business and process analysis
  • System design, integration and gap analysis
  • Database design and development
  • Infrastructure design and development
  • System Security
  • Quality Assurance, Testing and Regression
  • UI/UX
  • BI, Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Documentation and Training


  • Windows, Linux, Mobile-capable, Web Development, Cloud Development
  • Platform Independent and Open Source
  • MySQL, SQL Server, T-SQL, XML
  • PHP, .Net, .ASP,
Кариера в компанията

Focus on our people

Nurturing our people is part of our philosophy that our people is our main asset. it is carved in stone in our company culture. From recruitment to career development, Regulus Investment ensure that the right people will join our team. Highly professional developers that would be able to mix with our skillful team both socially and professionally. Developers who are not seeking only a job but to develop their professional career while enjoying their team members, our company environment and their art.


Contact Us

Tel: +359 879171313

Address: 38 Cherkovna Street, Sofia, floor 1, office 1



If you are looking for improving your professional skill while working in dynamic yes supportive environment you can apply to the open positions.


Адрес: ул. ЧЕРКОВНА №38 ет.1, офис 1 обл.СОФИЯ, гр.СОФИЯ 1505
Телефон: 0879171313
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