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Одит, счетоводство, данъчни и други консултации. Служители: 50-100; Градове: София, Пловдив, Бургас; Година на основаване: 1997;

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About BDO
BDO is an international network of public accounting, tax and advisory firms which perform professional services under the name of BDO. The fee income of the member firms in the BDO network, including the members of their exclusive alliances, was $7.02 billion in 2014. These firms have representation in 152 territories, with almost 60,000 people working out of 1,328 offices worldwide.

Our story is one of continuously responding to ever changing client needs: we were founded in 1963 when firms from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, US and Canada joined forces to share and expand their knowledge to better serve our clients. The local knowledge of our member firms combined with the international expertise and strength of our network promotes  effective and efficient service delivery to all our clients in every country in which BDO is represented.

Your career with BDO

We believe that all people are motivated to develop and to succeed. And for that we created a career plan to help you achieve your goals.

Feel you are growing from the very first day

Career development begins as soon as you join us; whether you are a graduate or a more experienced professional. A structured induction programme will provide an overview of our company, our values and our way of doing things. A fellow colleague is always ready to help new hires to integrate better and faster.

Your effort is recognized

You’ll agree individual objectives with your direct manager and plan how to achieve them. Our performance culture will recognize your achievements and acknowledge your progress with greater incentives and more responsibility.

Promotion is based on individual merit and work performance, which is reviewed in an annual performance appraisal, and also discussed periodically with your manager. You can advance faster than in similar companies because we believe that is not required to wait your entire life to prove that you are good.

Our environment

Our environment: friendly and inspiring.

We've created a fun and inspiring workspace you'll be glad to be a part of. We believe that work, play and personal development are not mutually exclusive.

Our offices are characterized by a cooperational environment ; our staff is on a first-name basis with one another and there are remarkable levels of trust and respect amongst colleagues.

We value openness and honesty: our partners are approachable and willing to share feedback on any issue.

Кариера в компанията
Partners and staff are accessible. Within BDO, you will develop strong working relationships through proximity to partners and managers, relationships that ensure everyone feels valued and understood. You are more invested and empowered due to direct client access.

Managers encourage collaboration in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, mentoring, consulting, and exchanging ideas. You learn from others and enhance your skills, while at the same time providing superior client service. Clients benefit from BDO’s collective expertise.

The BDO culture emphasizes career growth. Customized career paths are designed according to your strengths, skills and personality, promoting personal and professional growth.

Location, Location, Location You can live and work in the communities that meet your needs, now and in the future. Our clients can access us where and when they need us.

БДО България ООД
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Адрес: София 1404
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Телефон: 4210657
Fax: 4210655
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