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Mogo Bulgaria EOOD

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Mogo Finance is a fast growing and market leading financial services group founded in 2012, successfully operating in the markets of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Georgia, Armenia, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Belarus, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kenia and Bulgaria.

The company’s field of operations is vehicle leasing with a focus on providing fast and convenient services to private individuals and companies. Mogo offers auto leasing services up to EUR 10'000 (with individual exceptions), with maturities ranging up to six years. Financing is offered both online through the branded website and onsite at customer service centers. The Company’s strategy is to offer its customers accessible, convenient, and affordable finance lease solutions. To reach this target, the Company continues to offer customer-tailored solutions, high class service, and a wide range of car dealership partners, where customers can get MOGO provided financing for their vehicle purchase. As of today, we have funded more than EUR 150 m in car loans and leases, and serve tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

A major role in achieving the Company's success story is played by its employees. In order not to lose its pace of growth the Company constantly invests in its employees by providing various learning and development opportunities.
Mogo Bulgaria EOOD
ЕИК: 204009205
Адрес: ул. Николай Хайтов No 12, ет. 2, офис 3, София 1113, България
Телефон: 0878911549
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