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ForkPoint was established in the beginning of 2015 and is now a steady growing e-commerce consultancy. Our long term vision is becoming the preferred worldwide partner in developing e-commerce products, solutions and integrations. We aim at solving those complex problems that nobody else wants to solve for our customers.

ForkPoint founders have been in the software business for more than 10 years having in depth knowledge of various technologies and languages. We have positioned ourselves as reliable consultants in the software market and creating ForkPoint marks one big step in our journey ahead. Working for more than 5 years in projects for world-wide retailers like ASDA, Disney, Loreal, Clarins, Liberty London, Furniture Village etc. has given us world class hands on experience in the sphere of e-commerce.
Форк Пойнт ООД
ЕИК: 203449785
Адрес: СОФИЯ, пк 1700, Студентски град, ул. Никола Габровски 83, ет. 3
Телефон: 0887535449
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