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Established in 1997, Endeavor (www.endeavor.org) is a global nonprofit organization leading the High-Impact Entrepreneurship movement around the world. High-impact entrepreneurs - those with the biggest ideas and most scalable businesses - are widely recognized as the key drivers of long-term economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Many of these High- impact entrepreneurs, however, face various barriers in attempting to grow their business. Endeavor provides the support system and resources necessary to overcome these challenges.

Endeavor has set the standard for selecting, mentoring, and accelerating entrepreneurs with the greatest potential for creating impact. For 20 years, Endeavor has screened and provided feedback to 40,000+ candidates and selected 1,800 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 1,300 companies. Mentored by our growing network of 5,000 top local and global business leaders, these entrepreneurs have created over 3 million high-value jobs and generated more than $20 billion in revenue for 2018. In Bulgaria, Endeavor supports 26 High-Impact Entrepreneurs.

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