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Secure Group Lab OOD

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Secure Group is an international software company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We’re a tech hub that has а product line of secure devices, applications, and communication management solutions, developed in-house, for end-to-end encrypted mobile communication. We boast a partner network that spans across five continents to help us in the fight to keep data off the reach of hackers, corporate behemoths, and centralized organizations.


Along with the innovation race, we’ve become hard believers in talent and are constantly seeking new tech rebels, ready to join the Rebellion of Privacy. Behind each desk in our office sits a doer, determined to grow, learn, and set the bar higher than tomorrow to reshape the world for the better. 

Being tech rebels at the frontline of innovation, we have tons of exciting in-house projects with global impact:

  • Secure OS – Our custom-built version of Android 
  • Secure Pack – Applications offering all the functionalities a user would expect from email, chat, voice calls, or file storage apps but with encryption on top
  • Secure Administration System – A platform for granular control of our state of the art encrypted mobile device - Secure Phone
  • Secure Manager – A custom-built CRM for our network of partners
  • Web Development – We’re proactive innovators, constantly exploring, and looking for new opportunities to embrace the digital revolution.
Кариера в компанията

We appreciate the time that every team member invests within Secure Group’s development and want to give each employee the work security they need to be productive and inspired.

To address this, we’ve created a fully-transparent career framework that lets everyone choose their own development path, regardless of whether they want to be a manager or a field expert. This way, employees have both creative freedom and a thorough view of what is expected from them to grow.

Creating this career framework is one of the many steps Secure Group has taken to make sure we are an equal and fair place to develop your talent and have a global impact.
We are always on the lookout for fresh talent, so dare to step at the frontline of innovation by checking our job opportunities.

Secure Group Lab OOD
ЕИК: 203422911
Адрес: 130 Simeonovsko Shose Blvd., fl. 5, Sofia 1700, Bulgaria
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29.09.20 София
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19.10.20 София
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