За компанията strives every day - with every opportunity - to earn your trust and win your business.


We spend every day practicing, studying, exploring and understanding the vast world of office furniture and how people, just like you, use and engage with these tools of productivity.


We will take your empty room, floor, or office building from its naked self and design, and outfit it with an office furniture plan that suits your specific needs within your budgetary framework.


All over the United States, our skilled team employs their combined discipline and expertise to:


Maximize Available Square Footage

Optimize Workflow

Advocate Human Health, Comfort & Interaction

Design & Style Environments That Enhance Your Corporate Culture & Philosophy

Administer Thorough, "On-The-Ball" Project Management

Provide Budget Management & Finance Options


Our full service approach ensures a dedicated hands-on team of professional designers, specifiers and project managers to deliver your project from a conceptual dream to a "ready to move in" reality.

Кариера в компанията

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we know exactly how to take you from an empty room to a fully functioning office- all you'll need to do is provide the employees.


We work with the best manufacturers in the industry, across the globe, and make every effort to constantly and thoroughly review the quality and pricing of every product we extend to our customers. We don't sell anything that we cannot honestly stand behind!


Every week our team reviews new product offerings for cubicles, private office suites, conference and reception furniture, office seating, and the "latest & greatest" accessories.


The focus of our wide and varied selection of products is about three ingredients in equal measure:


Value, Style and Sustainability.


Our experience has also taught us that just as important as the quality of the product, is the quality of those who install it for you. We work with only the best of the best of certified installers across America, and constantly review their level of performance to ensure they meet our standards. They do everything they can to ensure the safe arrival of the furniture, the proper installation of every piece, and the proper protection of your building during the process (carpeting, flooring, new paint, etc).


The true testament to our abilities is the multitude of customers who continue to work with us year in and year out for all of their furniture needs. It feels good to know that we have their complete trust, and we do everything we can to maintain that.


We are grateful for these long standing relationships with companies like Iron Shore, Gainsco, Tel-X, Turn Inc., Senior Health Partners, Ideeli, Cablevision, and many more.

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