HyperScience EOOD
HyperScience brings AI to the office. We use machine learning to help enterprises and government institutions automate various types of office work, doing them better, faster, and cheaper to reduce bureaucratic burden. Служители в България: 30; Брой ИТ специалисти в България: 25; Градове в България: София; В България от: 2014; Служители глобално: 50; Държави/градове извън България: САЩ; Година на основаване: 2013; Придобивки:  допълнително здравно осигуряване;    карта за фитнес/multisport pass;    опции във фирмата;    30 дни платен годишен отпуск;    подсигурен обяд от готвач на фирмата;    голямо разнообразие от храни и напитки;    бонуси за предоставени препоръки;   Технологии: machine learning; artificial intelligence; deep learning;

HyperScience EOOD

За компанията
At HyperScience we create AI-centered enterprise solutions for automating work. Our mission is to empower organizations to become more productive by automating their work and unlocking new applications of human potential.

Our approach is rooted in solving real business problems with artificial intelligence at the core of our products and we have a strong point of view on what truly ML-powered, next generation enterprise software should be.

We are particularly proud with the amazing people who work in HyperScience and who are making it possible to deliver our exciting products to our customers and to accomplish our mission.

HyperScience operates across 2 international offices - in NYC and in Sofia.
Кариера в компанията
We are talented and ambitious scientists and engineers, driven by both the desire to build transformative technology and solve real customer problems.

We truly believe that by delivering real value to the operations of our customers today, we are paving the way for an ever bolder technological agenda.
HyperScience EOOD
ЕИК: 202890606
Адрес: 5 Latchezar Stanchev Str., Sopharma Business Towers, Building A, fl. 9
Телефон: +359888001404
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