Синерджи Глобал Файненшъл Сълюшънс ЕООД
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Синерджи Глобал Файненшъл Сълюшънс ЕООД

За компанията

Synergy Global Financial Solutions is a company focused on providing integrated software solutions to banks and financial institutions. 

Synergy has three main areas of specialization:

• Developing its own software products
• Implementation of Oracle products for financial institutions
• Support 

The company is a golden partner of Oracle Financial Services and Software.  

Кариера в компанията

SynergyGFS has rather horizontal hierarchical structure, where people are working in teams. We consider this approach very successful and attractive for the employees. 

SynergyGFS's people build carriers in four different areas of our business: Consulting, Technology, Supporting Services and Corporate Functions. Each area offers a unique carrier experience and compelling mix of work and training opportunities. 

You will have the chance to grow with the company, to acquire knowledge straight from the source working in an international team with experienced professionals in the fields of banking, finance and financial software development and implementation.  You will work closely with our clients, build and implement strategies that can help enhance business performance.

Essential for SynergyGFS’s company culture is that we have management committed to values, inspiring the team leaders to inspire their team members and act as mentors. We prioritise the long-term goals over the short-term goals. Synergy’s employees easily become friends. It is kind of tradition to have daily lunch together, to celebrate our big achievements together inviting employees’ partners. There is this start-up passion spirit in the office and we want to keep it. Employees are trusted to work independently. We enjoy good problem-solving collaborations and discussions. Merit-based promotions and reviews, matrix management system. We are busy and work a lot, but we have fun. Employees are treated like family. No one has ever been left behind and this matters. Should we mention free drinks during the general working time and free meals and taxi expenses in the extra working hours?       

We're expanding each year and currently we have offices in Sofia and Plovdiv. 


Синерджи Глобал Файненшъл Сълюшънс ЕООД
ЕИК: 202753358
Адрес: София, 1407, бул. Никола Вапцаров 53А, East Park Trade Center

Пловдив, бул. Асеновградско шосе 4Б, Capital Trade Center
Телефон: +35924940224
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