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За компанията
Xtrimsoft OOD is an authorized partner of Engica Technology Systems International in Bulgaria.

What We Do

Engica deliver enterprise Control of Work across the world. Our solutions drive continuous improvements by providing easy to use innovative systems for good governance and risk reduction, with the provision of performance information based on desired client processes

  • Develop Leading Software
  • Project Manage, Configure and Deploy
  • Ensure Compliance to Directive Standards
  • Support

Project Manage, Configure and Deploy
We configure Q4 Control of Work systems to match your precise processes and rules with application designer tools. Our approach allows systems to be created quickly, deployed and adopted with minimum training. Each system provides impressive control features for all roles and disciplines.

Develop Leading Software
With over 25 years of system development and with more than 300 clients, our configured systems lead the market in configurable features and global standards. We deliver precise client requirements economically using a framework engine for a single solution application for all our clients, but can also provide an "out-of-box the box system".

Ensure Compliance to Directive Standards
Systems are engineered to meet the standards of PAS55, HSE, OSHA, OLF, NOPRA and others.

Engica support systems around the clock, apply upgrades when required and configure additional specific client requirements on request or support clients if they wish to do changes themselves with system configuration tools.

ЕИК: 130408864
Телефон: +35928468023
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