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УикиАй ЕАД

За компанията
WikiEye is a private technology firm based in Sofia. We provide integrated technology services focusing on data and knowledge graph management, data analytics and information security.
WikiEye also provides creative and technical services for book publishers and content platforms.
WikiEye founders and management bring experience and track record from the areas of: finance technology ventures; investment banking and asset management; corporate, international and privacy law.
Кариера в компанията
The Sofia offices of WikiEye host Company operations in the following lines:
* Creative services for publishers and content platforms: animation, illustrations, augmented reality, graphic design, concept and production;
* Technical services for publishers and content platforms: app and platform development, smart E-Reader and library applications, AR tools and delivery, Digital Restoration, OCR, data indexing, keywording and management solutions;
* R&D;
* Administration.
УикиАй ЕАД
ЕИК: 203020896
Адрес: Bellissimo Tower
102 Bulgaria blvd.
1680 Sofia
Fax: +44 (0) 20 3129 8946
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