Software and Network Solutions. Служители: 35; Градове: Пловдив; Година на основаване: 2000; Придобивки:  Training & Developing;    Social Benefits;    Team Events;    Partner Discounts;   Технологии: Software & Support; Telecommunication Equipment; PHP; Python; Django; Web Development; ERP Development; Redux; React; RESTful APIs; WebPack; Databases; Linux / Unix; Network Monitoring and Infrastructure; Fusion Splicing;


За компанията
Established back in 2000. Vendor of innovative and effective software and network business solutions. Partner with leading internet, telecommunication and infrastructure companies. We build and deliver various solutions for leading companies in developing industries such as Telecommunication, Technology, Security, Manufacturing, Construction, Maintenance, Transportation and others. 

We have 20 years experience in supplying and managing computer equipment and data networks administration. The quality of our services is guaranteed by our experience in the information and communication technologies business industries. Our solutions are based on emerging and best practice products from the world leaders in technology.

Considering the dynamic growth of information and telecommunication technologies, we have created a team of young and qualified specialists, who can offer bespoke solutions, based on your business concrete requirements and infrastructure.

Changes in the world of information technologies are inevitable. Hence, being agile is crucial. We guarantee rapid and effective solution for your business, following innovative, emerging and best practices.
Кариера в компанията
We work in a dynamic and creative environment where our team can focus on what they do best. Our company is constantly growing, looking for new opportunities and working on challenging and innovative projects. Our team focuses on design, architecture, implementation, integration and support of software and network solutions. We strive to use the latest technologies to deliver high quality services and constantly improve our best practices and methodologies.

Since our establishment, it has been a pleasure for us to participate in placement and school programs. We continue to be an accelerator and driver for the development of young talent in the sector.
ЕИК: 115610099
Адрес: Бул. Руски 11, Пловдив, България
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