Шрайбер Фуудс България ЕООД
Производство на мляко и млечни продукти Служители в България: 160; В България от: 2014; Държави/градове извън България: САЩ, Испания, Чехия, Португалия, Словакия, Бразилия, Мексико, Германия; Година на основаване: 1945; Придобивки:  Месечни ваучери за храна;    Равностойността на карта за градския транспорт;    Застраховка живот и медицинска застраховка;  

Шрайбер Фуудс България ЕООД

За компанията
As the world’s largest employee-owned dairy company, we’ve got to provide depth and variety. Our customers range from full service restaurants, fast food chains, schools and hospitals to grocery stores, club stores, wholesalers and food manufacturers. 

Our 6,800+ partners around the world choose Schreiber because of our people. We care about each other. We think of ourselves as a big family, and that makes it a friendly place to come to work. Our company is built on core values starting, with honesty and respect. Our partners are caring, energetic, inspiring, customer-focused and results-oriented.

We all share something special, and that’s our common bond as owners of the company. Every day we come to work knowing the choices we make, the ideas we initiate and the problems we solve are going to make a difference. That gives us a sense of pride in everything we do because we want the company to be the best in the world. And in the end, we all share in the direct benefit of our hard work because we're the owners of the company.

One of the defining traits of our company is we’re never satisfied. We’re always looking for ways to do things better – whether it’s improving a process, getting product to customers more efficiently or finding new ways to enrich our communities. That spirit of continuous improvement lives in each and every one of us.
Шрайбер Фуудс България ЕООД
ЕИК: 202795510
Адрес: София 1330
ул. "Охридско езеро" № 3
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